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You made it to the site! Thanks.., I’m currently extra-busy in the sound factory – all three floors of machines are running at full-steam – and the noise here is sublime (although a bit loud at times).

We’ll probably have another month or two of tweaking the blueprints – tuning-up the typewriters – aligning the tape-echo boxes – changing-out the light bulbs – polishing all the shoes

– and all the usual tasks involved in producing your new favorite musical sounds.

I’ll be sending lots of new albums, singles, music videos, and other super-secret projects your way – so, make sure we can get in touch. Follow me on Spotify – follow me on Facebook, too — and don’t forget Instagram and Twitter, of course!  

Steve ~  

New Single Release! ~ Mind Wide Open

Back in the Spring of 2012, after being away from music creation and production for far too long, I built a new home studio out here in the quiet hills of Western New England - and got to work.  There was an initial batch of guitar instrumental tracks that I had...

Hello! We’re live with the new site!

I'll be posting more later this Summer as my new music is released. In the meantime, please follow me on Spotify - and everywhere else you listen. Hope you're all well -- we'll get through this pandemic eventually - and with luck, get back to some semi-normal again in...