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After a 25-year break from the professional side of music, Steve makes his return with the new single release of Mind Wide Open.

Mind Wide Open brings you 4-minutes and 15-seconds of Rinaldi’s trademark guitar fireworks – melodic lines, expressive and very creative – along with some unexpected twists and turns. Steve’s playing is often noted as being reminiscent of a mix of Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana, and a bit of David Gilmour. The rhythm section burns from start to finish here, too — with Jim Riley (Rascal Flatts band leader) on drums — and the great master of the low-end, John Forcucci manning the bass.

Mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London – July 2020

What’s New: 

New Singles in August 2020 —

A new guitar instrumental EP on the way in September 2020 —